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College day/Obligatory end of the semester post

For whatever reason, I feel so exhausted, it honestly hurts to move. The fact that I have an illustration due tomorrow isn't helping the situation. Fortunately, I feel like I have a very cute, but also very simple concept to throw together tonight. Wish me luck.

Anyway, it's the end of the semester, and it has gone much more smoothly than originally anticipated. Only having two classes to deal with makes it much, much easier, despite the fact that I still find myself pulling all-nighters here and there. In spite of my perpetual procrastination disorder, I've managed to produce enough cool stuff to impress my teachers. This led my portfolio teacher to nominate me to represent the fashion design department in college day for all the prospective freshmen. At least four people were nominated, but somehow, I was the only student present at the booth today. (I suspect no one wanted to do it because of the massive amount of stuff we have due in the next couple of days.)

As much as it seemed to be a pain in the ass, college day ended up being a really interesting experience. For one, I was the only person stupid enough to NOT put a portfolio together. I brought in a ton of loose work on boards, expecting there to be a crowd that didn't want to wait in line to flip through a book. I was right, but I looked retarded in comparison to ridiculously talented and professional students, such as illustration's Eric Spray (that bastard! If I were half that talented, I'd have a god complex!). The advertising dude next to me didn't seem to be too unimpressed, fortunately. Aschenbrand and Doug Fisher, the advertising chair, complimented me on my work (although Fisher seemed to be more impressed that I didn't *personally* look like a pile of shit), too. I have no idea why McKissick didn't bother to say hi. Chris Payne did, and he seemed genuinely glad to see me!

I was mostly there to answer any questions the kids and parents had about the fashion program, and I feel like I was as honest as possible. However, most of the questions involved "what should I put in my portfolio?" which is a difficult question for me to answer since I didn't tailor my portfolio to fashion. A couple of people actually showed me their portfolio, and holy crap, I was impressed! This one girl MADE her mom's wedding dress. She was apparently home schooled, and learn to sew really, really well during her time. Her designs were good, too. More interestingly, there was this little guy - and when I say little, I mean I doubt he was over 14 years old. I thought his MOM was the one applying for school here. He (and his mom) handed me this binder filled with just sketches. He didn't draw the figures perfectly, and he was presenting a sketchbook as a portfolio which isn't quite proper... but his designs were AMAZING. It was mostly black and white sketches, but he had glued some trims, inspiration photos, and fabric swatches into certain sections... and he had a fucking ton of them! His mom said that all he ever did was design outfits, and that's pretty easy to believe. With that kind of drive and such a strangely sophisticated design sense at such a young age, I bet that kid will end up on Project Runway at the very least.

As for me, I finally got to have feedback from YOUNG people, who could potentially be interested in buying some of my designs. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, which sort of came as a surprise. See, the teachers at CCAD don't give hardly any direction on how to design fashion. They critique your sewing and your drawing, but rarely do you ever hear about the quality of your idea itself. One chick (who was wearing a corset) told me that she and her friend had a discussion about my insect-inspired piece. According to her, they wanted to get a gang of girls wearing the stuff so they could go around acting badass. :-P "Popozao" got a couple of laughs, "Kandipants" (men's raver collection) drew some attention, and all the women loved my sexy men's trenchcoat. The feedback from my senior collection designs has been really positive, too. I showed Jacqui her skirt today, and she seemed to be rather excited. So, I feel a little better about myself as a designer, now. :)

This all brings me to the conclusion that because I feel comfortable with the quality of my work, I don't feel too bad about working my ass off during the next week to get it all done. I have to do the illustration for tomorrow, and I have to have something to show for collection wednesday. After that, I need to have my entire portfolio completed and tweaked, Jacqui's finished outfit, and Shannon's blocks transferred to oak tag board. It's going to SUCK, but I think it might actually be possible. Yay! Now... let's hope I don't get sick and fuck it.
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