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One Dream to Rule them All

With as much as I write about my dreams on here, it's kind of weird that I haven't written about the one major recurring theme in my sleep. Anyone want to take a guess at what that theme may be? Didn't think so!

The answer: Tornadoes.

I've had tornado dreams almost my entire life. Ever since I watched the Wizard of Oz and discovered what a tornado was, I've been having tornado nightmares. They're all the same dream, just in different settings. There's a tornado, I need to run and hide, and usually, there isn't a safe place to take shelter. Sounds like my dreams are alluding to some inner turmoil issues. Gee, I wonder why.

The dream I had last night was significantly different than any other tornado dream I've ever had. It started out the same: I was in a house (it was supposed to be dad's house, but it looked completely different. I love how I fabricate extremely detailed places in my head that don't really exist), the sirens were going off, and everyone needed to take cover. So, being scared out of my mind, I went in the basement. But no one else would follow.

A little while later, Dad and Ann came to the door and said, "Eve, you've gotta come see this!"

They were smiling. I said, "NO! It's dangerous! We could be killed!! You have to get to the basement!! I know you like to watch storms, but this one is serious!!!" But those crazy bitches INSISTED that I come upstairs. They were so insistent, they came down and took me out of the basement, practically kicking and screaming. They were still smiling and laughing.

"What's going on? Why are you doing this?!" I asked.

"Eve! It's okay! Don't worry! They're not dangerous!" Dad and Ann both pointed to the window. They were standing in front of a huge window (and trust me, I know not to stand near windows during a tornado), overlooking a forest and a bright, orange sky. There were certainly tornadoes out there, but it was NOT what I expected. Instead of huge, looming funnels, there were tons of tiny, black squiggles falling from the sky. Each "tornado" seemed to be only a few feet tall, and looked more like an ink drawing of a tornado than a real object at all. They shot out of the sky at sharp angles, and fell to the earth where they caused no harm.

"Don't you see, Eve? Those photos and videos we've all seen of tornadoes in a dark green sky? They're not real. That's just what we *believe* they are. Fact is, no one ever really bothered to stop hiding from the things and take a look at what they really are. The photos and videos are just artists' renderings of what we believe to be going on outside when the twisters come by. And those guesses of reality are so frightening, it doesn't give anyone a reason to come out of hiding and see for themselves. So what do you think?"

"It's actually kind of pretty," I said.

After I had come to terms with that reality, the dream got really weird. Apparently, the tornadoes didn't just disappear when they fell to the ground. If you went outside right after the storm, you could collect their remains - and eat them! Ann offered me a dinnerplate with a tornado on the side. It didn't look the way it did when it was coming from the sky. Instead, picture a swirly-shaped halogen lightbulb that was gelatinous and blue, and that was what was on my plate. Even though I no longer feared the experience of being in a tornadic storm, I was still too afraid to eat it. Oh well.
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