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I hate school. Now, in CCAD's defense, I think I've gotten a really well-rounded education for its specialty. But I'm fed up with the bullshit that CCAD will never hesitate to put its students through.

For instance, our fashion show. It shall still take place, but they've taken away so much from our expectations (and while raising tuition, no less) that it practically feels like it isn't going to happen at all, and at the rate they're cutting back, it shouldn't. It's gone from a grand, rewarding end-of-my-school-career festival to a fucking annoyance.

I told my own dad not to come. Don't come in from out of town and blow your money on a hotel just for this.

For starters, at the beginning of the year, they decided that we were only going to be allowed to have two models walk down the runway. Two, instead of four. And we still have to make the other two garments. But oh, we can make one to fit ourselves, which I'm doing, but I'm going to look like a fucking jackass wearing my shit in front of potential employers when I'm NOT on the runway. But we accepted that we were going to be screwed out of showing at least 25% of our work, and we moved on. But then they dropped some additional bombs after break. Check this shit out.

They changed the location of the CCAD show. There is a nice, HUGE space in the 3rd floor of the crane center where they've shown for the past two years. They're giving two excuses for not showing there this year: 1 - fire hazard (WTF?! The entire building is made of concrete, AND that didn't stop them from showing the past two years) and 2 - they built classrooms there. That doesn't hold water because the classrooms WERE ALREADY THERE last year, and they worked around it. Sooo, they're showing it in the JVC auditorium, where they showed before the crane center existed. The disadvantage to showing there is that it's half the size of the crane. So, to solve that, since they already took away half of our models and made the show half as long, they'll be able to have two back-to-back shows. Great! Except.... THERE WON'T BE A RUNWAY. The models used to walk down the aisle as a runway. Now, it's too "unprofessional" to walk down an aisle. Do I really need to explain how important a RUNWAY is for a fashion show?! Apparently, the administration is unaware. Mainly, the biggest disadvantage to walking across a stage is that no one will be able to see the garments. And I really don't see the point of going to a show where you won't be able to properly see anything. This is three dimensional art, and in order to show it, you need to see it worn around for at least a little while, and from as many different angles as possible.

So, plan B. Go to the good show at the Limited. It's cool, they give students tickets for their family. And it'll be a nice, black tie dinner! When we got back from break, they announced that this "black tie dinner" is now going to be a "brunch" on Saturday morning. Oh, and they decided not to give the students tickets this year. Sure, you can buy tickets, but you have to pay for them. And each ticket, I shit you not, costs $100. For a twenty minute STUDENT fashion show. That only displays half of what you did for your collection. Yeah, right.

Let's sum up the ways in which we've been assraped:

1) Half of our collection cannot be shown.
2) If we want to show up to 75% of what we've done, we have to look like jackasses wearing our designs in front of people who are actually in the field.
3) Our "black tie dinner" is now considerably less important.
4) Our location sucks, and two shows just means there will be twice as much pain in my ass.
5) Our runway is gone, so no one will be able to see the work...
6) Unless you pay $100.

Don't waste your time to kind of sort of see a bastardized version of my collection, and don't waste your money to see a bastardized version of my collection a little closer.

The entire point of this is that if I manage to finish my work, I'll still be upset because there will be absolutely no reward for doing so. Even in terms of grades, Miuccia Prada wouldn't be able to get an A in that class. After all, they don't give A's on the principle that it should be unattainable. And somehow, that's supposed to make us work harder.

*suicide ensues*
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I'll never understand why institutions whose main priority should be their student clientele continually fail to meet students' expectations. Shit, I can't even get a parking space on campus, despite the hefty price I paid for a green parking pass. It's just ridiculous.
I think a college's primary concern is attracting new students instead of pleasing a current student clientele. CCAD spends tons of money not only on new buildings and new technology, but on stupid shit that does nothing except make campus LOOK less like it's in the ghetto. For instance, they're constantly rennovating the FRESHMEN dorms, and they destroyed a PARKING LOT so they could have a nice area of grass. It looks great, but any current student would have rather the parking lot stayed since there already weren't enough spaces for everyone. Those two issues are related, since living in the dorms is mandatory (unless you're from Columbus), so you won't experience the parking nightmare until at least your second year. They also decided not to tell us when our parking sticker fee DOUBLED to $120. Another example is that high school kids know we have a career resources department, but they won't learn how worthless it is until they've been in school for a couple years. Above all, IMHO, CCAD needs to put money into HELPING THEIR OWN STUDENTS FIND JOBS.

And after all the sparkles wear off and you see how the upperclassmen are treated, it's too late to drop out or ask for a refund. There ARE a lot of great things the school has done for its students, but it's kind of hard to see when you're constantly being shafted. At least if CCAD were a government, we'd be able to vote on how our own money is wasted.
this is total nonsense. you guys really need to all go and talk to whoever is in charge of this shit and tell them all this. i'm not sure if it'll do any good, but at least it'll remind them what kind of idiots they are.
The president of CCAD has actually read my LJ before. Because of that, I debated on whether or not to lock the entry. I think he's going to end up hearing about our disdain one way or another, though. The good news is that he'll listen to any concern students have because he's cool like that. If this really is just a matter of money, that's fine, but I'm upset that the administration is making all of these changes without telling the students or the teachers what's happening and why. Hell, I could walk into class tomorrow and hear that there won't be a fashion show at all, and I would just have to accept that. Even if nothing can be changed, they NEED to have a student voice in these decisions. And, well, I could go on. :(
wow... I say form a picket line. Good protesting times held by all (until they start witholding grades I suppose)! Boy, they don't fail to disappoint when it comes to "We own you kids with your grades and your monies"... somewhere, there's a dean laughing maniacly and rolling around on a bed of money in great need of kicking.
Someone should shit in their pillows. Maybe they'll think twice when they wake up in the morning.

Or something more intelligent and inspirational. Take your pick.
My vote goes to "pillows." :)