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Addendum to the previous rant

Some good news:

In class this morning, Ms. Cotton assured us that there actually will be a runway built in the auditorium. I don't think that makes up for everything else that's gone wrong, but this at least makes the CCAD show worth seeing. So I feel a little better. It's very possible that could change again, but I'm going to try to keep my hopes up.

During class this morning, a bunch of guys came in with cameras who were videotaping us and our work. We were instructed to bring in our first completed outfit and display them on dress forms for the guys. I was a little concerned, because I had to make a ton of blind decisions on how to correct the fit of Jacqui's top, and I hadn't yet seen the finished product on her or a form. Now, Jacqui is nearly as skinny as I am these days. So, I chose a really tiny dress form. The skirt went on perfectly fine, but the top would NOT fit. Granted, I started panicking. You can always take in seams if something is too big, but this was much too small to go on even a pint-sized mannequin. Ugh.

Leah had actually scheduled Jacqui to come in later that morning and fit a muslin for her, so I took the opportunity to see if my stuff fit. I made a corset for Jacqui, so when she came out of the dressing room (bathroom), it was unlaced and hanging in all sorts of horrible ways. Discouraged enough to believe that I might have to redo the entire garment, I slowly laced her top closed. (Also, this was sort of embarrassing, because Jacqui was practically exposed when the group of old men with cameras conveniently came to watch over us!) After yanking the lace tight enough to where she probably lost a bit of her lung capacity, I took a step back and screamed,


So I was a little ecstatic. I didn't need to make any additional corrections at all. :) I took some pictures, so after Sally sends them to me, and with Jacqui's consent, I'll show you guys what I've done. You'll probably see why I was amazed by actually being able to get this right on the second try. Now I have to go make stuff for Shannon. Her outfit is much more complicated, so we'll see how this goes.

And I would like to say that I'm in love with Tim Horton's chili... even though it gives me horrific farts.
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Boy, that's quite an event... I don't suppose side laces would be fitting? Dunno haven't seen the article *shrug*

Tim Horton's on the other hand, I can't say I have tried, though skyline I enjoy quite a bit (depending, some of those places are gross). Good times held by all :)
EVE... it makes me happy that i am in your journal... like i have an actual job or something haha. and you spelled my name right... and as to the reply to my entry... i totally know how you feel... the kid i was with and i sort of resolved things ( after not speaking much for a month) and now are talking and close again... so far so good... so we'll see how this follows. but yes you definately have my consent to put the pictures up... as long as no boobs are hanging out ( i dont have any so it wont be a problem hahaha) but yeah you're such an amazing designer and creater for that matter the garment looked flawless and fit perfectly... which is the objective. ill talk to you soon. definately
Aww, thanks, dude. ^_^ It's good to hear that you guys are talking again. I never saw the point in completely cutting someone out of your life if no one did anything malicious. So, sweet. :)

Actually, most models have issues forgetting that this is a real job. I somehow doubt the pay will be great, but you'll eventually get some money and your photoshoot pictures (Rebecca said they never gave her the pictures when she modeled, so if this is still an issue, I'll at least send you guys the digital files). But so far, you, Melinda, and Shannon have been AMAZING people to work with. It's too soon to tell with Shaina. When I fit Shannon's first muslin the other night, one of my friends was also in the labs. She told me, "Yeah, I had a fitting tonight too, but my model forgot." This is a very common scenario. One of the girls in the other model groups dropped out of school late into the first semester, so now all the people making stuff for her actually have to start over. Hell, last year, one chick got pregnant! Oops! So when we thank you for coming in on time, standing up straight, and being a friendly person on top of that, we're being sincere. There has also been a lot of drama in some of the other groups about getting stuck with models who aren't good representations of their designs. Since we have to share you guys, that's bound to happen. In my case at least, I don't think we could have possibly chosen any more appropriate models than you guys. :) So, thanks again!

Also, I need your opinion on something. This year, they've decided that they want to photograph one design of each student *on location* for the fashion show brochure. This will happen sometime in February. So, unless I somehow get Shannon's outfit done and looking as good as yours by that time (not likely), I'll need you for this photoshoot. The question is... WHERE should the fucking picture be taken?! I can't think of any appropriate places to photograph that outfit. If you have any ideas, let me know!
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