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Jacqui's Outfit

Well the pictures aren't great, but since I have them, I'm posting them anyway. After all, most of you have NO idea what I've been doing in fashion for the past two and a half years, so this should give you some idea of what my designs tend to look like.

Yay, it's me standing in front of the form that Jacqui's shirt doesn't fit! You can't really tell that the shirt fits like shit, so just take my word for it.


This picture depresses me. Sally's flash decided not to work, so the only picture I have of Jacqui's face is blurred all to hell. But you can kind of tell that she's smiling, so that's cool. :-P


Here's a better shot of the front:


And finally, the back!


In spite of the pictures' general crappiness, there are a few details that wouldn't have shown if the pictures were perfect, because I didn't feel like taking pictures of this shit. The chains, for one, are actually coming out of a piece of fabric that's attached to her front, so making the patterns to that was really difficult. The top is lined with shiny red fabric, and the waistband of the skirt is pointed in a V shape at the front, and has a really sweet zipper pull. That's about it, though. I'm happy with it, so yay! Shannon's outfit, conversely, has me slightly panicked. :-\
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The fact that the dressmaker's dummy is larger than she is, kinda scary :) It looks really good though, I almost think a lighter chain/ring would be more appropriate (and possibly a darker color if possible), since the criss-cross lacing is so thin, but you're the prof and I have no idea what your criteria are. Something tweaking out with the other one?
Lighter chain and ring? Well, that makes sense and all, but good luck finding it.
Well, I suppose you can't just take a nice little trip to Baer's or anything, so I have no idea what you resources are. Strange as it sounds, hardware stores will carry some of that, maybe not lighter chain, but the ring, yes. The chain I would expect you could get bulk jewelry chain for large necklaces. I guess I look in really weird places for materials. :) What's the trouble with the other costume?
For the love of god, I've exhausted my options. I got the fucking chain from a hardware store, and the place where I got the rings offered PLENTY of different sizes, but none were *quite* right. With trims, there's a point when you just have to settle for "good enough" because no one will hardly ever make exactly what you've dreamed of. Also, there's a point when it becomes financially stupid to get this shit. I paid 12 fucking dollars for the zipper in Jacqui's skirt, because I had to custom-order it. Any zipper I could have gotten from a fabric store would have significantly changed the design. Also, jewelry chains are EXPENSIVE Sure, you can buy the stuff. But there's no way in fucking hell that I'm going to shell out $2/INCH for a nice looking chain when I need 30 fucking FEET of this shit. I personally don't think the chains and ring look bad at all - I actually wanted a THICKER chain, but dog leashes tend to have fused links, which makes it impractical for me to use.

Other costume = doesn't fit. End of story.
Oh, $2/inch?! Holy crap! I was in no way trying undermine your ability to finds stuff... I just didn't know if you had used those sorts of places before (though of course, anyone designing outfits is generally smart enough to think outside the "box", so d'oh).

Is seam ripping/adding lacing an option (on the other dress)? or is it just add patch/other?
You really don't have to help me out with everything, especially when I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm not a damsel in distress, I promise. I just started on Shannon's stuff, so it's all pattern corrections. The problem is that there are so many corrections, I have to make another muslin before I cut my actual fabric. It's a time-consuming annoyance, not an impossibility. I'm going to go work on that, now. Later.
Good point, you know better than I... Anyhow, good luck :)
Hey! I totally forgot to ask you if you had any more pictures from our trip! :-)
That was fun. Today, Kansas, tomorrow, THE WORLD....heh heh heh...
Fuck, I forgot about that! Yep, I have them all somewhere. Sadly, many did not turn out. The pictures of the "only live animals can grow hair" signs blurred too badly to read, for instance. The shot of you by pizza hut is great, though! I'll scan it when I find it. :)

Deleted comment

Thanks, yo. Have any idea where I should get this thing photographed? They're actually hiring photographers to go around town with the students and take pictures of our stuff in an appropriate location. And hell, I didn't design this stuff with any appropriate location in mind. Christ, my inspiration was superhero costumes! Argh!
Cool! Is the black material leather, plether, or something like that? I didn't know you wanted to get into fashion. I guess I've really lost contact.
It's actual leather. Leather isn't cheap, but it's easy to work with, and it looks great when it's all said and done. It's kind of disturbing to buy a hide that's still in the shape of a cow, though. :-\

The fashion thing was a really random decision. I decided that I hated illustration and would be happier going into product design at the end of sophomore year. But since industrial design involves lots of time in the woodshop and exposing yourself to many disgusting chemicals, I went into fashion instead. And now I'm doing technical design (mostly fitting, telling factories how to make the garments, and some creative designing) for all the stuff that goes into the Abercrombie and Hollister outlet stores. Life's strange like that.

How are you? And what on earth have you been doing for the past... I don't even know how many years?
Fashion caught my fansy for a little bit too, but I soon found out I didn't have the ... eye? for it like some did. I could draw it, just couldn't get it to be practical. So I thought illustration would be better.
After getting a BS :) in art, I didn't know what to do with myself. All I knew was I didn't want to go back to school right away. I filled out a lot of applications and randomly got a job teaching English in Japan. I've only been at it for a week. I think that I'll finish the year contract here, come home, and maybe get more into illustrating and photography.

Are you going for bachelors? master?
Whoa, sweet gig! How's it going?

Fashion is definitely more difficult to make practical than you'd expect. I feel like my designs are generally really simple because I focus so much on the practical aspect. This is of course, precisely why I make a good technical designer. :) Of course, with the outfit I'm making right now, I'm killing myself over how to put this lining in! Argh!

Since I double majored (I didn't REALLY switch, if you look at the classes I took), I'm spending five years getting BFA's in both fashion design and illustration. Unless you want to teach art, getting a masters won't be of any help to your career. Hell, you don't need a degree at all in order to do illustration (Just make sure your portfolio is killer. School is just for practice.), but you do need a bachelors degree in design if you want to do product/interior/graphic/fashion design. I don't want to teach, so the masters thing is out. I'd actually like to go back to school and pursue something more academically challenging, but it's a little too late to do that, now!

For the illustration thing, my suggestion is to start NOW. It literally takes years to establish your name as an illustrator, so start getting small freelance jobs while you're employed. Chances are that even if your work is amazing, you'll have to find a throwaway job working at target or something in order to support yourself between freelance jobs. What I find awesome about illustration is that you can work from anywhere on earth, because most of what you do will have to be submitted digitally. It's not that way with fashion, and I REALLY don't want to have to move to New York or LA. Ohio is lame, but the cost of living is totally reasonable. :)

I'm going to try to do the illustration thing after I'm done with school. Right now, it's practically impossible to do the work necessary for one class while working full time. I dream of days when I no longer have to worry about homework! *sigh*
It's really nice to not have homework. I'm amazed your going for the BFA. And working fulltime! I took one look at the requirements and said "hell no." Margie and Laura went for it at first but they soon came around. Plus, I wanted to get a minor in biology anyway.

I want to start my portfolio but I don't know where to begin. Sometimes I think I should just start sketching and then I never really take things further than my sketchbook.

Right now the job is pretty good. Sometimes I miss the certainty of home. It would be nice to know what I'm eating again. And I miss my dog. Sometimes I wish I could have brought her with me and then I see how the Japanese treat their pets and I'm glad I didn't. I'm thinking that once I get use to things, I'll like things a little more. If not, oh well, it's only a year.

If you're in Japan this year, feel free to stop by. :)