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Byers Collection - Some decent pictures of my designs!

As promised, I hereby present to you the best pictures from the photoshoot at the abandoned Byers Chevrolet building! (CCAD bought it but hasn't exactly done anything with it yet) We were supposed to shoot at a much cooler location, but that place bailed on us at the last minute. The fact that the Byers building didn't have heat pissed everyone off, especially the models. When you see how slutty my clothes are, you'll understand why. (More accurately, since the theme I had to design into is superheroes, I was going for a powerful, sexy, but not skanky look. This of course, still involved showing some skin.) But hey, the pictures aren't all too crappy, so check them out.

These pictures are for the book, which is a program that will be handed out to anyone who attends the show. In previous years, they just had students submit illustrations as examples of their work. No one has ever had the opportunity to photograph on location before. In previous years, students have just photographed all of their outfits at the end of the year in a studio, in front of a white backdrop. This extra shoot, unfortunately, meant sacrificing an extra saturday for both the models and the designers. It was most unwelcome, but I think some of the shots I got will be of much greater artistic value than the pristine ones I'll have from the studio in Kinney Hall. Just so you know, I still have two more looks to complete; one for a tiny girl named Shaina, and one for myself.

Jacqui and Shannon had different photographers, who seemed to have different ideas about how to photograph them.  All of Jacqui's pictures were taken horizontally, so I had to crop them.  I guess Jacqui's photographer figured she should save room for text. Anyway, check out this lovely brick wall:

Heeere's Jacqui:
The diagrams of transmission parts in the background kill me. I have no idea why these people thought shooting here would be a good idea.

When taking this picture, Jacqui exclaimed, "I feel like I'm in a porno!" It could be worse, but... it looks like it. Unfortunately, since I don't have ALL of my pictures of Jacqui or Shannon, I also don't have any better photos of the back of this outfit, which I happen to believe is the better view. I have a strong feeling that much better pictures exist of both Jacqui and Shannon, but I sure as hell haven't seen them.

I just think this picture is cool. The freaks at Byers had a full-sized disco ball laying around in that office, which is why the room is so sparkly.

Now, for Shannon:
Can you tell she was in a parking garage? UGH. Worst location EVER. And unlike with Jacqui, they didn't even attempt to find cooler places to photograph Shannon. Her outfit is incomplete, unfortunately. She will eventually have a sparkly red and purple capelet, made of the same material as the top of Jacqui's top. Also, I'm pretty sure the fact that she's wearing matching nail polish was just a fluke. Shannon is so hardcore, the day of the shoot, she rolled out of bed without putting on makeup or fixing her hair, and she still looks hot.

Oh, and regarding earlier complaints, can you guys tell WHY I had such a difficult time getting this crazy thing to FIT?! The different fabrics, the keyhole, the pulling from all angles and the belts in the back caused me more than a little grief. It made Jacqui's outfit seem ridiculously simple. I also had issues with seams not being even remotely attractive locations, etc. etc., etc. Also, Shannon has a very nice ass, which is unfortunately NOT well-suited for easily fitting hip-hugger pants. I threw on two muslins and the final garment, and it wasn't until the end that I ended up with a shape that could actually fit around her waist while allowing room for her bum. Anyway, the construction is downright horrible, but the fit ended up making other designers slightly jealous. ;-)
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