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Seeee Meeeeeee!!!!!!

The CCAD senior fashion show is this Friday, May 11th.

Since this is the closest thing I'll ever have to a fashion show of my own, I'd appreciate it if everyone reading this could make it. Of course, since you're only going to be seeing two of my looks that you've already seen before, it's not going to be anything truly exciting unless you actually want to see what my peers have done. ;) Except there will be a hugeass (not really) party at my apartment later that night, so I recommend visiting.

The show is absolutely free, and there will be plenty of student artwork to look at aside from the show. Since the venue for the show is abysmally small,  there will be two complete showings of the damn thing. One starts at 5:30, and one starts at 6:45. GET THERE AT LEAST 30 MINUTES EARLY IF YOU WANT TO GET IN AT ALL. For the second showing, people will probably be lined up since the first show, since they can't let everyone in for that performance.

I will have probably just one ticket to give away, and I've decided that should go to whomever drives the farthest. :) Since the show is free, having a ticket just means that you'll get to skip the line, and you'll have a fancy reserved seat. So, depending on which show you get into, you'll probably get to sit next to my parents or total strangers. It could be awesome or lame, depending on circumstances.

The show will be in the JVC Canzani auditorium. I honestly don't know the address to that particular building, so if you want to go, mapquest 95 N. 9th St., Columbus, OH 43215, and it'll be the building across the street, nearest Cleveland Ave.

From Louisville,
1) Take I-71 N for about 220 miles.
2) Stick to the right when you see signs for 70 and 71. Keep following signs for 71 N. However, I-71 splits off at I-70, so you'll technically be merging onto I-70 East. I say that to prevent confusion, but I fear that might cause even more. >.<
3) Follow signs for I-71 N. There are tons of markings, including paintings on the road itself. Merge left ASAP after getting onto I-70; you'll need to be in the lane second from the far left.
4) Exit at Broad St. This exit blows; you'll have to quickly merge 2 lanes to your right as they appear, and people will be trying to get off of I-70 West at the same time.
5) Stay in the middle lane and turn left onto Broad St.
6) Turn right at the first light onto Washington Ave.
7) Turn left onto Gay St. If you pass a stoplight, you'll have gone too far.
8) You'll see the art sign straddling the road. JVC is the building on the left, closest to Cleveland Ave. Park anywhere.

Or just ride with mom or dad. They'll probably appreciate the company.

And I'm totally graduating the next day. That'll be boring, but it's happening! After five long, grueling years, I'll be out at last!! And it's about time, too. So much has changed since I got there, I don't feel at home at CCAD at all anymore. And I'll have free time and hopefully financial security.


P.S. I'm taking three weeks off work between the time my internship ends and my full-time employment begins. So, I'll probably be in Louisville for at least a week in the near future! One of those weeks will probably be spent unpacking in Columbus, and June 1st through June 6th will be spent in... Seattle, of all places. Dad and I are taking a vacation up there, since he claims the place is very neat. :) For those who are curious, this will be my first time on an airplane. I'm glad I'm going to be experiencing flying now before I have to do so for work! Around September, I'm going to fly to either New York or LA just so I can attend a digital pattern making class. ^_^
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