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Unbeknownst to me, Columbus used to be home to the greatest restaurant concept in history: TACO NINJA. It closed only a short while ago, and I regret never having gone there, despite horror stories about the quality of their food. I've also been told that they used to make deliveries in full ninja costume, but they had to quit, since the outfits frightened too many people. At any rate, go to that website. I lol'd at the song playing on the main page.

I'm leaving for DC in a few minutes. I'm going to hang out with the Dutch Boy and party with Andrew WK. This'll be COOL.

However, thanks to Sarah and Jessica, I just read two stories about body parts being mutilated, so now I'm paranoid about getting a limb chopped off during my seven hour drive. Thanks, guys. Also, I finally got my car fixed and running supremely well, so it would be tragic if it died right now.

Ah well. Taco Ninja > Ninja Burger. Peace out, everyone.
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