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Cleveland: You've gotta be TOUGH

About two years ago, Brandon, Shirine, and I drove to Toronto. Toronto is a fun place and all, but I think the real highlight of the trip was witnessing... THIS:

This is, unbelievably, a musical rendition of the first two Evil Dead films. It's performed live on stage, and there is an ample amount of gore. (You can purchase seats that are guaranteed to be in the "splatter zone.") This is all made much more hilarious due to the challenge of converting the props in the film into ones suitable for a live performance. The same musical is showing in Cleveland, now though July 5th. Tickets are $28, and in my opinion, it's well worth the $28 and the drive. Anyone want to go? For more info on the venue and showtimes, go here.

In other Cleveland-related things, I just want to say that I enjoy the place, despite all its flaws. It's a very interesting city, but you have to spend a lot of time there before you'll start to appreciate it. Cleveland has pockets of nice, interesting areas, a unique industrial skyline, and some of the most stunning natural beauty Ohio has to offer. Sure, the city managed to set the river on fire, the sun never comes out, all the cyclists ride on the wrong side of the road, and the place is swarming with mayflies this time of year, but I love it. And according to a couple of notorious videos posted on youtube, Cleveland's economy is based on LeBron James, and their main export is crippling depression.

One thing I have to say about Clevelanders is that they have a good sense of humor about their home. In reaction to the videos on youtube, the city's travel promotion agency actually hosted a contest for people to make REAL Cleveland tourism videos. Mike Polk, the creator of the sarcastic youtube videos, was one of the judges for this contest.

For all you people who have not seen them yet, here are the links to the sarcastic, "Hastily Made" Cleveland tourism videos. They're dumb as hell, but I lol'd.

Hastily made Cleveland tourism video

Hastily made Cleveland tourism video (second attempt)

And lastly, here's the article regarding the city's reaction to the videos, and the resulting contest.
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