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Jacqui's Outfit

Well the pictures aren't great, but since I have them, I'm posting them anyway. After all, most of you have NO idea what I've been doing in fashion for the past two and a half years, so this should give you some idea of what my designs tend to look like.

Yay, it's me standing in front of the form that Jacqui's shirt doesn't fit! You can't really tell that the shirt fits like shit, so just take my word for it.


This picture depresses me. Sally's flash decided not to work, so the only picture I have of Jacqui's face is blurred all to hell. But you can kind of tell that she's smiling, so that's cool. :-P


Here's a better shot of the front:


And finally, the back!


In spite of the pictures' general crappiness, there are a few details that wouldn't have shown if the pictures were perfect, because I didn't feel like taking pictures of this shit. The chains, for one, are actually coming out of a piece of fabric that's attached to her front, so making the patterns to that was really difficult. The top is lined with shiny red fabric, and the waistband of the skirt is pointed in a V shape at the front, and has a really sweet zipper pull. That's about it, though. I'm happy with it, so yay! Shannon's outfit, conversely, has me slightly panicked. :-\
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